Discover Wilderness In Monhegan Island, Maine

Monhegan Island in Maine is a rocky island that lies ten miles off the mainland. It is a small place that is about a square mile and is an adventure getaway for many. The island is accessible by boat as there are no paved roads. The island was first discovered by John Smith in the year 1614. Known as a fishing location for the Native Americans, the economy today has invested in tourism besides the fishing and lobster industry that flourishes here.

Monhegan Island is known to be a summer haven for tourists as well as visitors who love the isolation and the wild beauty of the island. It has long been a preferred destination for many artists who love to come here and find the time to contemplate and work on their projects.

The island and its natural beauty are looked after by the Monhegan Associates. They protect and preserve the wild lands here which help to keep the pace of life here simple and friendly. The undeveloped parts of the island extend beyond the village and the harbor area. There are trails that cover 12 miles in total which are steep and go through wooded areas. There are rocky ledges that lead to high cliff lines from where the Maine coastline is a wonderful discovery.

Manana island is in Lincoln county of Maine which lies adjacent to this island. You could take a ferry ride to this place and enjoy a day here, have a picnic and arrive back to the mainland by night time.

On Monhegan Island you will find an iconic landmark, the lighthouse. Established in the year 1824, it is a well preserved lighthouse that is preserved to showcase design and architecture by Alexander Parris.

You can also visit Monhegan museum here as well as Lupine gallery. In both places there are cultural and historic artifacts that showcase local history and interesting finds of the region.

There is less to see and more to explore here. Check in at some of the hotels or private houses that let out to visitors in the island. You will surely enjoy the wild beauty and coastlines of the place as well as the isolation that it offers, a chance to recuperate from work and daily stresses and have a quiet time with your family members.

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