Florence, Italy: Visit The Place At Least Once In The Entire Life

If you wanted to explore the architecture of Italy then you need to visit Tuscany. This is the place which is craved by millions of people all over the world. You will enjoy the weather, architecture and different cuisines of the world here at Florence.

Santa Maria Del Fiore: The significant architecture of Florence

You can start your day from the cathedral. The interiors and exteriors of the spot are inspiring artwork which beholds your eyes too. The structure includes dome, bell tower, and baptistery. So many visitors would like to climb the Cupola and bell tower as well.

IL Duomo – The Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore at its best

This is the most popular site of Florence. It was established in the year 1296. The exterior of the cathedral is made of marbles in colors like green, pink, and lastly white. It has several statues and paintings of famous artists.

The Baptistery: The oldest building with lot to offer

The Baptistery built back in the 11th century is the oldest building of Florence. It has doors which are made of bronze. The entire structure of the baptistery is designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti.

Campanile – Bell Tower: The best sculpture in the world

It is also known as Piazza del Duomo. The place is designed by Giotto di Bondone in the year 1334. But the artist is died before the structure could get completed.  Inside the castle, you will find sculptures as well as carvings created by Donatello as well as Andrea Pisano

Palazzo Vecchio In Florence: The heart of historic centre

It is the most known square where there is a heart of the historic center. It offers the¬†sculpture and consisted of various statues along with the copy of standing Michelangelo’s David. The place is apt for political activities. There are several private and public rooms inside the building.

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