Major Attractions of Recife, Brazil

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Recife is a very popular city on the northern coast of Brazil and carries the nickname “Venice of Brazil”. It is a very popular tourist destination as it offers the tourists a lot of beaches, waterways, old towns with a unique and vibrant culture, islands, and forests.

Things to See


  • Casa Da Cultura


This is the culture house of Recife and is sure to interest tourists who would like to know more about the history and culture of the place. I really enjoyed the time I spent here watching the various local arts and sculptures.  


  • Boa Viagem Beach


I love visiting beaches and if you are in the same fold, and then do not miss visiting this wonderful beach. It houses a few oceanfront bars and restaurant and you can enjoy the best nightlife here. You will love the clear waters, white sand, and also the hot sun during the day. 


  • Olinda


This is a small city closely that is known for its attractive looking houses that carry pastel coloring. You also get to see a few of the colonial churches and this is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you have time to spare, then take the short drive to this traditional city.  


  • Museu Do Homem Do Nordeste


I love to explore the arts, culture, and history of the place I visit. I got to know more about Recife by visiting this museum. It has a collection of the objects, artifacts, and arts that depict the history, culture and the anthropology of the locals. 


  • Recife Antiguo


This place has a great history as the island here was where the Dutch first found this wonderful city in 1637. It is now a financial market during the day and a hub for great entertainment during the weekends. There are a lot of cafes, stores, and restaurants here.

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