Winslow Arizona Gives You A Unique Desert Life Flair

Winslow is a place named after Edward F. Winslow., who was president of St Louis and San Francisco Rail Road. This was owned by him as well as Tim Winslow, who was prospector of the area.  If you are looking to explore the different cities and towns tucked away in different parts of the country, this is one place that you could explore the desert region of Arizona. This town was made famous in the song Take It Easy by Eagles. The line in the song “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona” showcases life in this town; the arid beauty of the place that makes you feels that life comes to a standstill or takes a moment when you come here.

You will probably take US Route 66 when you travel to Winslow. Most of the buildings in this town have historic significance that makes it a delight to wander about in and discover.  We love the movie Cars as it took place along Route 66.  Same goes for a buddy of mine, Brandon, who is one of the top roofers in Charlotte.  He is an avid car aficionado & has visited the area with old friends & tours the desert roads.  

Stop by the Harvey House, also known as La Posada hotel, opened here in 1930 which was designed by the famous architect Mary Colter and was even used as a railway office in the fifties. This restored hotel could be your place to stay whose hallways will remind you of the several historic eras it has gone through. This beautifully restored landmark has acres of vegetable and flower gardens, a museum showcasing the works of Tina Mion as well as a Turquoise Room that serves as a martini bar and restaurant.

The nearby meteoric crater, Barringer Crater is probably the most important sight to visit. It is a famous crater that landed in the Arizona desert 50,000 years ago and created a depression that extends 43 miles and is 600 feet deep.

Standin’ on the corner is not only a phrase in a song, but appears in the context of the town in many places. For instance, there is the Standin’ on the Corner Park, which has murals including the famous one titled Girl my Lord in a flatbed ford.

If you are visiting here in the month of September you will witness the Standin’ on the Corner Street festival, which is an annual event and sees the participation by locals and outsiders. Other places to visit here is the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, which lie in the outskirts of Winslow.

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